E-Bikes in Eagle?


What does Order Number 3376 From the Secretary of the Interior mean for E-Bikes in Eagle?

Well, nothing yet. And NO, this does not mean that E-Bikes are now legal on BLM land in Eagle. So then what does it mean? At the Federal level the Secretary of the Interior has issued an order that E-bikes, also known as low-speed electric bicycles (class I, II and III), shall be allowed where other types of bicycles are allowed; E-bikes shall not be allowed where other types of bicycles are prohibited; and E-bikes are no longer defined as off-road motorized vehicles.

The intent of the order is “to increase recreational opportunities for all Americans, especially those with physical limitations, and to encourage the enjoyment of lands and waters managed by the Department of the Interior (Department).”

Locally, if the order is executed, many trails in Eagle including Boneyard, Pool & Ice, Redneck Ridge, and all non-motorized trails open to biking on BML land would be open to E-Bikes.

Now, the various local departments (Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Bureau of Reclamation) have 30 days to adopt the order, provide any justification that would prevent adoption, and seek public comment.

According to a great article from Outside Magazine “it’s currently unclear how each agency will respond—that is, how widely they will throw open the doors of the public lands they manage.” The public response so far is complicated as the pro’s and con’s are numerous.

So now it’s a waiting game for how the BLM will decide to implement this policy. Most of our trails in Eagle are on either BLM land or cross into National Forest Service land, which this order does not apply to.

We will keep you posted on public comment opportunities and any other significant developments impacting local trails including updates from our local BLM land manager.

For more reading, enjoy the full order here and a link to E-Bike rules for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Robert Tadlock