Trail Etiquette Rule #1

Don't Ride Muddy or Closed Trails!

Eagle, CO Trails opened on April 15th after a long season of wildlife closures for migrating and wintering animals! Hallelujah! But, it's raining today...

Remember, muddy trails are always closed. Don't be the reason we can't have nice things! A lot of work (read days) of trail-work goes into repairing a few hours of muddy riding. A good rule of thumb is that if you are leaving an imprint, stop and wait for dry conditions. The climate in Eagle is very dry and ruts that are made during muddy conditions stay there for a very long time. These ruts carry water down the trail and cause erosion over time. They are also very rough to ride on, especially in bermed sections of trail.

There are plenty of dry days to ride in Eagle, so "When in Doubt, Wait it Out!"


 Trail work was just completed on Haymaker, making the berms oh so smooth. Don't be the reason we can't have nice things!

Trail work was just completed on Haymaker, making the berms oh so smooth. Don't be the reason we can't have nice things!

Amy Hawf
Anyone know what the trails are like right now?

Have you ever wanted to know what the current trail conditions were in Eagle?  How about somewhere up valley or on the Front Range?  There's an app for that!  If you haven't heard of Trailforks, you should head over to their website and check it out - .  The website and associated mobile app allow you to explore trail networks, plan trips, read reviews, and lastly, check the status of a trail.  You can check the status on the mobile app, the website, or conveniently, we've embedded Eagle/Gypsum area status widget on our ride page.  If you were to check the status from our site on your phone, you might see something like:


Yesterday when I went for a ride, I updated the status of the trail I rode (Haymaker).  If you click on the trail that you're interested in, you get to the detailed report:


So this is awesome right?  I can see if a trail is muddy, or go find a downed tree on a work day or just point any interested person to the current trail conditions.  Well sure, but it only works if people are updating the status.  It's pretty easy to add a report if you have the mobile app as seen in this Trailforks video:

With the trails opening in a few weeks, there is likely be a lot of questions about what a trail is riding like.  A few of us here at HTC will be scouting and reporting on the app, so be sure to check out the status on our ride page!

- Rob

Robert Tadlock
Sub Committees

In an effort to get more organized and focus on more than one shiny object at a time, we've decided it would be best to form sub committees and get people grouped up to lead efforts on multiple fronts.  Currently these are the sub committees we're focusing on:

Singletrack Sidewalks
Work with local land managers to secure permissions and easements as
needed to expand the trail network connecting neighborhoods, schools
and trailheads with singletrack trails. Coordinate work days and
volunteers when time to build.

Trail Work Day Coordination
Anyone is welcome! Folks with crew leader training or a general
knowledge of trail building and maintenance or a desire to work on trails
and learn more. People with the ability to haul tools and/or bikes if
needed are always very helpful. Also anyone who likes to help plan,
coordinate groups and help with food and refreshments on our big work
days are great.

New Trail Planning
Work with Government organizations, local land managers (BLM, USFS,
Town of Eagle, Eagle County) to propose and layout new trails. Helpful to
have some familiarity with working with land managers and their

Trail Maintenance
General routine trail maintenance - clip and ride, spring and fall trail
clearing, minor repair of holes, ruts or other issues that come up
throughout the riding season. Can be done independently, leader of
group will help maintain list of projects that need to be done and a group
of people who can help when available.

Fund Raising
Focus on community engagement with HTC, strategic partnerships with
business who want to help (ex. Dusty Boot ‘Boot Burger’ program) Fund
raising, merchandise sales and new opportunities.

Work to find camping options in the Eagle Valley

Maintain signage through the area to make sure they are accurate, in
place and improve where needed. Implement educational sign program.

Help with web site, social media, design of flyers, stickers, bike tags,
promotional material, email blasts to members, keeping sub groups

If you're interested in joining or leading any of these sub committees please join us at our next meeting or email us at

- Rob

Robert Tadlock